Children's rights

Big And Small, Human Rights Is For All

Every child has the right to a fair chance in life. But in our societies, millions of children are trapped in an intergenerational cycle of disadvantage that endangers their futures – and the future of their communities. Millions of children live in extreme poverty, die under the age of 5 due to malnutrition and lack of appropriate healthcare, or leave school at the primary school age.

We have a choice: Invest in the most excluded children now or risk a more divided and unfair society. There are proven strategies for reaching the hardest to reach and expanding opportunity. When governments adopt policies, programmes and public spending priorities that target the most deprived children, they can help transform those children’s lives and their societies.

CERID shall put significant effort and resources in changing mindsets and priorities in Romania in this respect, especially for child protection and inclusion, for tackling gender issues, and for advocating the rights of the most excluded children, including children with disability, young refugees, roma children, and the children of the very poor.

By shifting priorities and concentrating greater effort and investment on children who face the greatest challenges, the State and development partners can make sure all children, including those born into poverty, have a fair chance to achieve their full potential – and realize a future of their own making.