At CERID, mediation and labour inclusion is done by vocational counseling / psychologist / responsible mediation, according to the individual needs of people looking for a new and depending on the requirements of employers who have vacancies available.


Facilitating capacity building for labour insertion and re-employment of vulnerable persons looking for a job by matching individual skills with the requirements of available job vacancies announced by responsible employers, and through training, skills development and mentoring for any requests on job starting.

  • Phase A: Collecting information about the current profile of the person in search for job and analysis of their particular needs for mediation.
  • Phase B: Capacity building support to increase the person’s success potential, including the support for the preparation of a professional CV, sharing information about existing opportunities, and when needed provision of focused support for development of new and better skills.
  • Phase C: Applications to selected vacancies and support for the process of interacting with interested employers (tutoring, preparation for interviews, etc.).
  • Phase D: Job placement and support during the adaptation period (coaching, etc.).

Beneficiaries type A: Vulnerable and marginalized citizens

  • Unemployed, including long term unemployed
  • Students or fresh graduates who wish to find a job
  • Young persons NEET
  • Individuals from all kinds of vulnerable groups (persons with disabilities, roma people, women, the very poor, etc.)
  • Employees in need of mentoring and coaching to maintain their job positions
  • People wishing for a career change

Beneficiaries type B: Responsible Employers

  • Private bodies
  • SMEs
  • Social Enterprises
  • Social-sector organizations (foundations and nonprofits)
  • Local, regional, and national governments
  • Public-sector bodies

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