Bridge The Gap For Equal Rights, Inclusion And Development For All

The organization seeks to support, in the Romanian society, the diffusion, defense and development of human rights and fundamental freedoms as enshrined in the Romanian Constitution, the European Treaties and the Conventions and Treaties of the United Nations that the country has signed and ratified.

CERID will promote, through partnerships with similar organizations in Romania, with public and private bodies, and with similar bodies abroad, the development and implementation of concrete and practical measures to achieve the inclusive society, i.e., a society that allows all its members, irrespective of their age, gender, disability, national origin and, more generally, their diversity, have access to and participate equally in all the society’s activities and facets, and exercise independently, equally and without obstacles, their rights.

To this end, we will be promoting, using all possible financial instruments, the design and implementation of programs, interventions and policies that will practically and substantially support the vision of the inclusive society and will contribute to addressing the social, institutional, cultural and other obstacles and gaps.

In particular, programs relating to education, training, lifelong learning, welfare, social protection, social care, research and development of new supportive and integration technologies, e-inclusion, and physical and / or eAccessibility, are key organizational priorities.

Employment is a particular sector of the organization's activity by developing inclusive labor market participation and discrimination programs for all citizens.

Particular emphasis will be placed on the empowerment of small and medium-sized enterprises and social enterprises in order to offer new opportunities for inclusion to people experiencing exclusion and discrimination in the labor market.

The promotion of the cultural heritage and spiritual wealth of the country, as well as the development of alternative tourism, tourism for all, and accessible tourism, are also an objective of the organization.

At last but not least, among the organization's priorities is to provide moral and material support to the less privileged members of society and to develop actions and institutions of social care and solidarity for the more effective integration of socially disadvantaged people into the economic and social fabric.

To achieve all the above objectives, CERID will pursue to establish strategic collaborations and institutional relations with reputable Romanian and international stakeholders.