Our principles that dictate the means chosen towards realising our vision and goals are set as follows:

  • CERID shall remain up-to-date on issues related to human rights at international level.
  • CERID shall be committed at European Level.
  • CERID shall itself be an example of good-practice in equal rights, inclusion and development.

The Principle of Self-representationFF

CERID trusts that decisions are to be taken by the vulnerable persons themselves or their families in the case of individuals that themselves cannot claim their rights.

Principle of Participation

CERID supports the right of all persons in risk of exclusion and their families to participate fully in decision-making centers through their representative organizations. Silence never won rights. They are not handed down from above; they are forced by pressures from below.

Principle of Solidarity

The organization is working towards building a stronger and more united rights movement in Romania, with a special focus on people with severe and multiple limitations and on people who suffer multiple discrimination.

Principle of Partnership

CERID places special emphasis on cooperation with the Social Partners and civil society organizations. Establishing closer links with organizations with common objectives is an important prerequisite for promoting the rights of particularly vulnerable population groups, such as people with disabilities, women, long-term unemployed, immigrants and refugees, etc.


  • Human equality: All human beings shall enjoy equal rights under the law and equal opportunity to enjoy their rights.
  • Inclusion: The outcome of solid human rights framework resulting into improving the background for all individuals to take part in society’s decisions that impact their lives and into empowering the marginalized people to pursue opportunities in order to enjoy equal access on the labour market, policy making area and social life.
  • Development: All kinds of innovative actions to help the Romanian society to become a sustainable and equal rights treatment based society for all its members.
  • Accessibility for all: The ultimate outcome of a series of interventions in all sectors and areas of the public life, the electronic environment and the physical spaces, that guarantee full access to all members of the society, regardless of their sex, origins, beliefs, disability and any other kind of diversity.