Advancing Development Effectiveness

Our organisation’s social impact is of ultimate importance to us. We think about it in the following six ways.

Serving our beneficiaries

The core of our mission is to help our beneficiaries and partners succeed. When we support them to make lasting improvements to their performance, we also help them to scale their contribution to society—including the goods and services they deliver, the jobs they create and the economic growth they drive. Recent societal themes in our work have included discrimination, poverty, migration, labour inclusion, accessibility for all, and gender parity in the workplace. We fund our own research, which is original and independent. In addition to publishing our reports, we convene events, speak at conferences, and participate in the conversation in the media and online, to increase awareness and inform the debate.

Convening partnerships

We are in communication with a wide range of different types of organizations and are able to convene groups to work together in partnership to tackle problems that any one institution alone could not. We bring the best of our group to these partnerships. Together we are committed to making a difference.

Social Initiative

Since 2017 we support through access to our organization’s skills, resources, and convening power, to help to build more stable, prosperous, and inclusive communities. CERID convenes partnerships to co-create powerful cross-disciplinary approaches. It implements, tests, and improves solutions so they can be shared, replicated, and scaled.

Empowering our people

Our people are recognized as leaders and professionals and many of them are passionate about shaping the world and making a positive contribution to society. Many CERID members and associates sit on the boards of nonprofit organizations at a national level or in their local communities, something we are happy to support. Others choose to take a short leave of absence through our Take Time program, in order to volunteer overseas on international development projects.

Engaging with our communities

As an organisation firm, we undertake work on a pro bono basis, which enables us to support organizations working for social good, who may not otherwise be able to access our knowledge, analytical skills, problem-solving approach, and capability building. We conduct all pro bono work to the same distinctive standard all our beneficiaries expect of us. We also offer our knowledge and problem-solving approach in response to international emergencies, such as the refugee crisis, diseases outbreak, and extreme weather conditions.

Working responsibly

Our values guide everything we do as an organization and the choices we make. They inform both our long-term strategy as an association and the way we serve our beneficiaries and partners on a daily basis. We are committed to building a stronger institution that has long-term sustainability and enduring value.