What we do

Advocacy & Awareness, Research & Studies, Consultancy & Training, Development &Networking for CommUNITY

In general, the organization focuses on the following kinds of activities:

  • Program design and funding proposals preparation (private funding, public, European, Structural Funds, international, etc.).
  • Development of all kinds of scientific and communication studies and research.
  • Undertaking development initiatives, organization of research and research teams, and actions in Romania and abroad.
  • Organization and participation in events, conferences, conferences, information and awareness campaigns, seminars, educational programs, round table discussions, scientific symposia, lectures and field activities, etc.
  • Publishing of books, magazines, studies, monographs, essays, albums, etc.
  • Production and distribution of printed and electronic communication material such as newspapers, magazines, newsletters, web sites, internet radio, web TV, etc.
  • Creation of a thematic portal - an electronic database on the internet, which will also function as an electronic library with the digitization of communication and scientific content.
  • Creation of spaces for counseling, culture, creative occupation and care, information, etc.
  • Exchange and transfer of information, experience and know-how to address common problems and achieve common thematic objectives.
  • Networking, at national, European and international level, partnership and development of cooperation, mutual respect and confidence with municipalities, Regions, State Agencies, other bodies, NGOs, companies with similar purposes, universities, chambers, volunteers etc. to exchange know-how and submit joint programs and proposals.

Since the establishment of our organization, we have allocate significant resource in developing a number of activities that contribute to the realization of our goals and objective. Indicatively:

  • We have planned an annual publication on equal rights issues, the Annual CERID Report, in which each year we tackle general sectorial issues or devoted to certain vulnerable group.
  • An annual event is foreseen to present to the public and key stakeholders each year’s Report
  • This website of the organization is currently under reform to accommodate information on all the activities in progress at CERID and become a repository of national interest to which anyone can refer to receive updated information and documents related to the rights movement in Romania and abroad, including
    • Catalogues of websites that maintain information that is related to the objectives and activities of the organization (International, European and national organizations, ministries, etc.)
    • Online documents. A digital library is under construction with important documents (Treaties, Conventions, Guides, Reports, etc.) that are of relevance to the CERID fields of interest.
    • Events. We shall collect information on relevant, periodic or not, public events and international days (roma, disabled, equality, aged, etc.), and when available links to webcasting of key events.
    • Networking/communication facilities
  • A National Observatory is under construction to facilitate the collection and sharing with key bodies of significant data about those most excluded in Romania
  • A periodic, fully accessible Newsletter will be published every four months and distributed electronically to our friends, potential partners, etc.
  • Press releases are to be issued for key Internal Days, such as the 3rd of December, the International Day of Disability, the 10th of December, International Day of Human Rights, etc.
  • Letters (Opinions) will be prepared and submitted to Ministries and other state authorities in relation to laws or programmes in consultation, etc.; these shall also be made publically available on the CERID portal, under a new section currently under construction.

Furthermore, subject to succeeding in receiving funding from selected ERDF programmes, the following activities are envisioned:

  • Research, Studies & Projects
  • Training, mentoring and labour inclusion programmes
  • R&D on accessibility and e-accessibility
  • Development of sign language seminars and braille lessons