Who we are

A civil society organization fighting against discrimination and offering its services for the protection of diversity and equality

We seek to understand, learn from, and improve development activities in Romania. CERID provides consulting, technical assistance, and training services to public and private aid agencies, non-governmental organizations, and governments.

CERID works across sectors to protect the vulnerable, reduce poverty, eliminate accessibility barriers, improve health and education, promote participation and inclusion, and foster economic growth.

The multidisciplinary team of experts at CERID shares collective know-how and experience made available to social-sector organizations (foundations and nonprofits), local, regional, and national governments and public-sector bodies in Romania in relation to:

  • the design, management and running of co-funded projects
  • the design and conduct of social research and demographic studies
  • the preparation of study visits and people-to-people activities for know-how and good practices transfer
  • the organisation of fully accessible events and communication activities
  • the provision of consultation and technical assistance for institutional development in the area
  • the provision of mentoring & coaching
  • the design and implementation of institutional/ organisational capacity building programs
  • the design, implementation and evaluation of long-life learning and training programs
  • the development of software and ICT solutions that comply with international accessibility standards
  • the production of accessible publications and digital documents

CERID Accessibility Services

Our Web Accessibility Service is all about access. We are proud to help organisations improve their access to disabled customers and employees. We help organisations take the first steps or continue their accessibility journey to really make a difference and provide access to disabled customers.

We can offer training, consultancy or audits of your digital or physical environments:

  • Website Accessibility Auditing
  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Design and development of ICT solutions and websites that comply with international accessibility standard
  • Access to Buildings
  • Disability equality training
  • Production of accessible publications and digital documents

Remember one small step can make a huge impact!