Women's rights

Men, Their Rights, And Nothing More; Women, Their Rights, And Nothing Less

Like throughout the world, in Romania discrimination and violence against women remain a scourge. Despite significant progress in the last years, discrimination are often still inscribed in parts of the law, from criminal laws to laws on marriage, inheritance and access to property. Even in cases where women have obtained equality in law, discrimination continues in practice. Women are significantly under-represented in decision-making positions. Violence against women prospers, often fuelled by inadequate laws, obstacles to access to justice and inaction on the part of public authorities who tolerate such violations. The absence of adequate sanctions favours a climate of impunity which contributes to the repetition of these crimes. Yet women are not only victims. Everywhere women are also the main actors in the struggle for emancipation.

In this context, CERID has made the protection and promotion of women’s rights a priority and advocates for the abolition of discriminatory laws and for the adoption of laws protecting women from discrimination and violence.